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Faith Home Child to Receive Eye Surgery

$ 17,550.00 Eye Surgery Expenses

Little L. from Faith Home has had many obstacles in her young life.  She came to Faith Home with fetal alcohol syndrome, hip displaysia, cerebral palsy, and a serious eye situation.   Only God knows how some of these obstacles will be dealt with or overcome?  In the mean time, God through General Baptist people has worked diligently on behalf of Little L!!

Faith Home Honduras

Earlier this year she had surgery to help the hip displaysia at Shriner’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri at no charge to the mission or Faith Home.  Today (Tuesday, December 17, 2019) she will receive surgery for her eye problem which should help her vision dramatically.

Faith Home continues to be the story of miracles for children in Honduras.  Children like Little L who come to us broken by sinful world but finding love in Christ and His people.   Continue to pray for Little L and the ongoing struggle she faces.  Prayer also for our missionaries who care for little children like Little L, that God will bless them with wisdom and the resources they need to continue to make a difference.

A special thanks to the donors who helped make this most recent eye surgery possible.  God bless you all.

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