India Association Distributes Pastors Relief in Routhulapudi

Pastor Prakash reports that India Association was able to distribute pastors relief to 15 pastors in the area near Routhulapudi.  Food items were given to the pastors purchased with funds from the GBIM COVID-19 relief effort for pastors.  Thank you for your generous gift. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”105″ gal_title=”IA Routhulapudi Aug 2020″]

Women’s Ministries Gifts $10,000 to GBBC

The General Baptist Bible College is facing a decreased student count and exclusive virtual classes and sending home learning activity packets due to COVID-19.  This has created a tremendous financial strain on the college.  GBIM is raising emergency funds to help GBBC through these very difficult days.  Women’s Ministries has graciously donated $10,000 USD to… Continue reading Women’s Ministries Gifts $10,000 to GBBC

India Association Pastors COVID Assistance July 30, 2020

On 30th of July 2020 India Association reached 37 pastors with grocery and detergent kits. These include detergent, soap bars, shampoo, and kitchen items like cooking oil and breakfast items. Each pastor received items worth of $10 each. Every pastor was so thankful for this help in these difficult times.  Pastor Prakash states, “In His… Continue reading India Association Pastors COVID Assistance July 30, 2020

VIDEO: Laptops for Teachers

Philippines President Duterte has stated that resuming face-to-face classes without a vaccine for COVID-19 “spells disaster.” (Reuters)   Education secretary Leonor Briones (who is a COVID-19 survivor) has stated that online or TV classes would resume at the end of August (The Guardian).  This policy of no face-to-face classes will have a tremendous impact on the… Continue reading VIDEO: Laptops for Teachers

India Church Attendance Suffers After Restrictions Lifted

Pastor Prakash reports that “Church attendance has dropped by nearly 70 % because there is a lot of fear among people in our communities.”  As a result, the pastors are still suffering because lack of attendance means that offerings have also not returned to pre-COVID giving as well. Pastor Prakash continues, “Pastors are so thankful… Continue reading India Church Attendance Suffers After Restrictions Lifted

COVID Food Assistance in Pithapuram

Pastor Prakash of the India Association sends the following, “We reached 20 destitute people surrounding our church building. We also distributed some vegetables to ten of our Bible women. There are some COVID-19 cases in our towns, Kakinada and Pithapuram. We will continue to reach our pastors and people again with some groceries and money in… Continue reading COVID Food Assistance in Pithapuram

India Association Food Assistance to Jaggayya Cheruvu

India Association, under the leadership of Pastor Prakash, distributed vegetables to 50 families in the slums of Jaggayya Cheruvu community.  This food relief was part of the association’s COVID-19 relief program.  Many parts of the world have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis since food supply lines have been adversely affected.  This food assistance… Continue reading India Association Food Assistance to Jaggayya Cheruvu

Grace Home COVID Outreach Helps 60 People

As part of the COVID-19 relief effort, India Association distributed 410 pounds (185 kg) of vegetables.  This outreach was a Grace Home outreach to widows and poor women.  Pastor Prakash reports, “We preached gospel for 10 minutes and proclaimed that Jesus Loves and cares… to 60 people.” [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”56″ gal_title=”GH_COVID_May26″]