2020 Virtual Missions Conference Is Underway

General Baptist International launched its 2020 Virtual Missions Conference on September 8, 2020 with two sessions.  You can find all the videos and handouts here. All sessions and handouts are available to download for your small group or church.  Every missionary contributed to this years Virtual Missions Conference.  You will not want to miss one session!

Honduras Pastors Receive Relief Assistance

by Dr. Rodney Walls After a recent donation to help our Honduran General Baptist pastors, God’s intervention was clearly on display. The church planting ministry in Honduras received a donation to help our pastors early on April 29th. Because of the nationwide curfew enforced by the police and military, I knew that I would need… Continue reading Honduras Pastors Receive Relief Assistance

Food Assistance During COVID-19 (India and Honduras)

Many in Honduras (especially the poor) are suffering. We have been in a complete lockdown that is being enforced by the police and military. By the last number of our ID cards, one can get out every 10 days to go to the grocery, pharmacy or bank. We were able to buy rice, beans, and… Continue reading Food Assistance During COVID-19 (India and Honduras)

Ministry In Extraordinary Times (Honduras)

By Honduras Missionaries Locked down…the Faith Home campus was preemptively self-quarantined about a week before the government started shutting down Honduras. We stocked up on supplies and made the decision to stop all traffic in and out. Faith Home does have a few children that Dr. Sharon identified as high risk. Unfortunately, Faith Home is… Continue reading Ministry In Extraordinary Times (Honduras)