What does $5000 rupees mean?

Calvary Grace Association has distributed funds twice to pastors from the GBIM COVID-19 Pastor’s Relief effort.  The first distribution, in May, was $7000 rupees (US$91.60) and the second, in June, was for $5000 rupees (USD$65.45).  It honestly seemed like so little, so GBIM director Mark Powell asked Pastor Jessey of the Calvary Grace Association “what… Continue reading What does $5000 rupees mean?

Pastors Assistance Mexico City

Our newest Bible Institute in Mexico is located in Mexico City area and is directed by Alejandro Salinas.  Alejandro spent some time in Southern California and was a graduate of one of our Bible Institutes conducted by Pastor Rene Rodriguez and Sheffield Association. Besides Mexico City, Pastor Salinas has associated churches in the Oaxaca area… Continue reading Pastors Assistance Mexico City