Calvary Grace Food Relief in Flood Areas

Calvary Grace Association distributed food to families who were victims of flooding. This is Thummileru, a tribal village.  Flood damage in this village is tremendous. It takes an hour boat ride to get to this place. These are pictures of some of the 500 families that received our grocery/food relief. The families in this area have… Continue reading Calvary Grace Food Relief in Flood Areas

Updates on Flooding In West Africa

Thank you all for your prayers. Just a quick update this afternoon: the river has continued to rise, and has passed the government measuring pole of approximately 22 feet. A new measuring pole that goes up to 26 feet has now been installed. An alert was issued last night that there is the possibility of… Continue reading Updates on Flooding In West Africa

India Association Distributes Pastors Relief in Routhulapudi

Pastor Prakash reports that India Association was able to distribute pastors relief to 15 pastors in the area near Routhulapudi.  Food items were given to the pastors purchased with funds from the GBIM COVID-19 relief effort for pastors.  Thank you for your generous gift. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”105″ gal_title=”IA Routhulapudi Aug 2020″]

Pastors Assistance Mexico City

Our newest Bible Institute in Mexico is located in Mexico City area and is directed by Alejandro Salinas.  Alejandro spent some time in Southern California and was a graduate of one of our Bible Institutes conducted by Pastor Rene Rodriguez and Sheffield Association. Besides Mexico City, Pastor Salinas has associated churches in the Oaxaca area… Continue reading Pastors Assistance Mexico City

Philippines Earthquake Update

Information continues to trickle in from North Cotabato in the Philippines. The number of churches severely impacted stands at seven. We have also received a list of GBBC students, GBBC alumni, and MBI alumni who have been effected by this tragedy. Many are in evacuation camps or with family members and fear returning to their… Continue reading Philippines Earthquake Update