Textbooks for 322 Students (West Africa)

The Yeomans were able to deliver the first round of textbooks and notebooks to the students at the school they are partnering with this year. Nicole reports, “It was wonderful – the teachers and administrator were so grateful, and all of the students applauded! It was so sweet! The village chief came over to express… Continue reading Textbooks for 322 Students (West Africa)

Yeomans Update

This week we are working on plans for an evangelism event out in the village, along with showing the Jesus Film. Due to security, we are still not able to leave the city, so we are planning this event through some national Christians. We appreciate your prayers that many will hear the gospel, and come… Continue reading Yeomans Update

Updates on Flooding In West Africa

Thank you all for your prayers. Just a quick update this afternoon: the river has continued to rise, and has passed the government measuring pole of approximately 22 feet. A new measuring pole that goes up to 26 feet has now been installed. An alert was issued last night that there is the possibility of… Continue reading Updates on Flooding In West Africa